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  Adapted from Douglas Coupland's novel of the same name, JPod the BookShort film centres on Ethan Jarlewski’s stunted but sincere efforts to win the amorous attentions of “the new girl” Kaitin Boyce, an unwilling recruit to the pod cult of video game programmers. Consummated with a kiss that is the epitome of modern love, Ethan indoctrinates Kaitlin into the amoral morass that is the JPod.  



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Short Film Written by Bruce Pirrie
Music by Martin Worthy
Produced by BookShorts


World Theatrical Premiere South by Southwest Film Festival, March 8-13, 2007

Canadian Internet Premiere on SHOWCASE.CA; Launched Jan.8 live through February 28, 2007.

Premiere on Movieola-The Short Film Channel February 5, 2007 check out their interactive program guide for more broadcasts of this and other BookShorts.

Featured in BookShorts Moving Stories January 14 on CLT; January 25 on BookTelevision.

Featured in member-only Random House


South by Southwest Film Festival screens JPod Saturday, March 10, 2007. For more info visit

Well folks, despite the myriad challenges, we were there at SXSW, with fandom and appreciation abounding. Mr. Coupland was in fine charming form, the audience -- they laughed, they sighed, they chuckled in all the right places. Oh, and they did that for the feature too. A taste with JPod (dare I say) gives one the taste of EGG, and we wait with baited breath for JPod the series.

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